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Customer Reviews 2018

“Thanks so much guys. He really loved the present.”

– Nick Crosby, Iguassu Falls Heli Tour

“We were met promptly as arranged by our pilot at San Fernando Airport.We were explained professionally the safety procedures,then we were up and away in to the beautiful morning air,it was great.The flight took us over the port,the city and the downtown airport and was a fantastic way to see the sights.”

– Kevin, UK

“The higher you get, the better you can see the beauty of the earth below. And if the beauty of your life is with you when you fly high over a beautiful city like Buenos Aires – nothing like it isn’t it?”

– Sheh, UK

“Very professional and great equipment. It was a wonderful experience to get out in the snow at the top.”

– Sandra, Netherlands

“I had contacted Heliushuaia months before our cruise ship arrived to see if they could fly my wife and I somewhere for a little fly fishing. Little did we know what was in store for our day. We were picked up by taxi (vendor arranged) from the downtown area and whisked off to the airport. There we met our guide Alex and pilot Daniel. After a short video about flying by helicopter, we took off for an incredible flight over the Andes, buzzing our cruise ship on the way.”

– Rocky, California

“I had never travelled in a helicopter before and was very nervous! The staff were great….very professional….excellent attention to safety. The views were spectacular. The mountains around Ushuaia were awesome, & the trip gives you a whole new perspective on the land around the Beagle channel. I didn’t think the trip was expensive, as we all know how costly helicopters are to maintain! Very pleased and would recommend.”

– Lindy, UK

“A really fascinating unforgettable experience !!!! The attention of the excellent staff, and very professional and courteous at all times pilot, the super recommend !!!”

– Flor, Colombia